Who Am I?

Located in beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada, I am a software developer, systems designer and technology entrepreneur. I help companies bring their technology ideas to life. With background in RF, telecom, networking and web technologies, for last few years my primary area of focus has been developing for mobile ecosystem, i.e. Android and iOS, while taking into account technologies which go along with them. These systems can be SQL or NoSQL databases, Linux servers, Apache web servers, AWS based services, networking, APIs, security and so on. I don’t deal with anything Microsoft.

I deliver quality work. I have absolutely zero tolerance for poor workmanship, buggy code, crashing apps, failing systems, cutting-corners and people who have tolerance for the above.

I not just believe but have observed and learned over time that haste makes waste, especially in software development. Software development is an art, and it takes its time. I am good at providing realistic estimates to my clients in terms of their costs, man hours and timelines to bring their ideas to life.