Zeeshan A Zakaria

That’s Me

This website is both my professional portfolio and my technical blog. Here you can read about my projects, my thoughts on technology, probably my ideas too on the next big thing, etc.

I am a software designer and an IT consultant, with vast experience in the technology industry since 2004. I am currently based in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada.

I am good at coming up with brand new ideas to do old things new way, or just do new things. Staying up to date with the cutting edge technologies has always been my focus. Starting with involvement in emerging VoIP technologies in 2004, to today’s Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing to Big Data, I am always keeping myself up to date with the cutting edge technology.

The technologies I currently find myself involved in includes AWS based Cloud Computing, SPA based Dynamic Websites, Native and Non-Native Mobile Apps, Content Management System and Scalable IT infrastructures to cater for hundreds of thousands of users.

My portfolio on this website describes in some detail the projects I have undertaken and successfully completed in my recent work history, or am currently working on.

As for passion and hobbies, I do some 3D computer graphics & animation, capture and edit photos and videos, and also fly a multi-rotor hexacopter to enjoy view of the world from top and take aerial photos and videos. You can check my photos and videos on all major social networks under the name Hovering Media.