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Given my existing expertise in VoIP, When I started learning Web technologies in late 2007, one of the first thoughts which came to my mind were to make an online PBX system, accessible to anybody who needs one as an online solution. I am pretty sure many others must have thought the same thing, but still it was a very new idea. I searched and couldn’t find any decent online PBX system.

Needless to say in next few years, there were many online PBX solutions available.

Had I known web development earlier, my web based PBX solutions would have a chance to be one of the most successful ones.

In any case, I ended up programming my own full fledge muti-tenant virtual PBX system in 2009 and launched later the same year at This was a LAMPA based system, i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Asterisk.

This PBX system had mostly been a demo system to show my skill and talent in the VoIP, Web, Security, Linux and other technologies which are vital to today’s telecom industry. I never focused on its marketing and getting a lot of users. The max users or tenants I had on this at any given time were about 120.

As any VoIP admin knows, VoIP systems come under online attacks very quickly and need really good care in terms of securing them with proper tools and firewall rules. I also learned that with time and ended up writing many scripts to identify and block bad IPs and bad users. With time my PBX’s dialplan was also improved to better take care of outbound calls.

Also, for a better user experience, very care is taken to make things look nice, and use JavaScript wherever possible. So overall its look and beautiful and using the PBX is very user friendly.

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