Step Counter – A Pedometer App for Android

Step Counter

This was also my very first app. Although not the very first to go in the App Market.

I started writing this app summer of 2010 as part of my self leaning of Android development. The app got completed very quickly and I would show it to my colleagues, and they would get impressed very quickly. However, it was published in the app market only in spring 2012, once I had throughly tested it and made it well presentable for a wider audience.

This app, as its name suggests, count steps, as you walk, jog or run. Based on your age, weight, height and gender it also calculates number of calories burned. It also calculates the distance covered.

This app used Android’s built-in motion sensors to detect motion along x and y axises. The Android device must be in your pant’s pocket, or in a pouch attached to your belt, on order for it to correctly detect your steps.

And yes, it keeps a log of your calories burnt and distance covered.

Personally I used it while walking and jogging and it took many days for me to fine tune its code to correctly detect steps.

This app also has a very unique and wonderful Autotune feature, which detects length of your steps, and sensitivity of the device to detect your steps.

Many hundred users have download this app, and I hope they find it useful

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