London 2012 App

London Olympics 2012 Ultimate

This wonderful app has an interesting story. Best part is that it was noticed by Yahoo! and was called one of the top 5 apps to follow the London 2012 Olympics.

Here is this news link.  (App was renamed to Predict London 2012 Winners due to objection from Olympic Committee on its original name.)

I started working on this app, day and night, in November 2011 and it went to the app market in February 2012. I estimate I spent about 500 hours on its first released version. It was upgraded later several times.

This app quickly became popular and in a month gained about 4000 users via Google App Market and 1000 via Amazon App Store.

This is when I started working on its iPhone version.

However, this came to Olympic Committee’s attention, and they complained to Google on copyright infringements basis, and without giving me a warning, Google suspended this app from the app market.

I was however not infringing on any of the copyrights which they claimed.

Rest is a long story of legal communication between me and the IOC (International Olympic Committee), Canadian Olympic Committee, US Olympic Committee, some journalists and two law professors.

On Olympic committee’s request, I had made changes in my app much earlier, however it took many months for them to allow reactivation of this app, and Google reactivated it just a day before the Olympics started. Unfortunately, by this time, this app had missed the opportunity which it deserved.


Probably the best interactive app to follow the London 2012 Olympic Games, with Kiip Rewards integrated. With mock-ups already running, in this app you can:

1. Follow your favorite countries and get updated when they win or lose.
2. Predict who will win and get notified if you were right or not
3. See complete event schedule with participating countries (in your local time zone)
4. Check medal count for all the countries
5. Talk about Olympics
6. Read Olympic news
7. Receive events results and ranking of countries for multiple team events

Beautiful and well organized interfaces.

Until Olympics start, this app will be setting up mock-up competitions and declaring winners, so you can use this app as if Olympics are happening right now.

More features will be added with time.