How to make money from your apps

Monetize your app

Monetize your app

This is the question everybody is asking these days, and truth is there is no easy answer to this question.

In fact, there is no real way to make money of your apps in today’s market. There was a time when mobile apps was a new idea and those who made some decent apps in those years, made some good money. However, now there exist so many apps that doesn’t matter how good app yours is, there is a better one out there for free.

So why do people still make apps then?

The answer is simple, why do people buy lottery tickets?

Its a hope that it’ll make them rich.

However from a practical stand point of view, these days mobile apps represent part of a bigger picture for most of the organizations. If there is an organization which already has its presence in the form of a website, tangible items, a service, an online product, or in any other form, and it wants to reach its customers via mobile apps as well, then it’ll pay to get such an app developed.

The most common way for an app to make ‘some’ money on its own is via in app purchases, which are mostly useful in games only. As you all know, that nobody wants to pay that $0.99 for any app, however if there are some useful items to be purchased within an app, then people are more likely to pay for them. The average cost estimate which people are willing to pay for in-app purchase is $20.

With a growing number of apps everyday, even that is becoming very difficult. First of all, people need to know that there exists your wonderful app. This in return requires a lot of advertisement, which requires a lot of money. So it becomes a catch 22 situation.

However, if somehow your app gets mentioned in the news, then you have a slight window of opportunity since this will result in a decent amount of downloads of your app. And that is basically the moment you should be ready for.

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