Our company, VisionVoIP Communications Inc., is a registered Canadian federal corporation which uses Zeeshanz and VisionVoIP as its trademarks for software development and telecom development respectively. Primarily it is an independent consulting company of Zeeshan A Zakaria, currently based in the beautiful city of Ottawa.

Nature of our business revolves around coming up with brand new ideas to do the old things new way, or just do the new things no one has done before. Staying up to date with the cutting edge technologies has been our primary focus. Staring with focus on emerging VoIP technologies in 2004, to today’s Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing, we have been keeping ourselves up to the required speed.

The technologies we currently we find ourselves busy in involve Cloud Computing, Dynamic Websites, Content Management System, Unix/Linux based IT infrastructures, Native and Non-Native Mobile Apps and of course the VoIP.

Our portfolio on this website describes in good detail the projects we have undertaken and successfully completed, or are currently working on. We have also been involved in wonderful world of creating 3D computer graphics and animations to some extent.