Click-to-call button

Although there already exists many click-t0-call solutions, but this is different, it is truly a click-to-PBX solutions.

It was made originally for Shopify for their store fronts, and later released as a stand alone system under VisionVoIP.

This solutions has some security measures too, and how it works is that you register on VisionVoIP, or setup an account with Shopify, and you get a piece of code to put on your website. In case of Shopify it is automatically put on your store front.

This code generates a button on the website. Now when a user clicks this button, a small dialog box pops open asking clicker’s phone number. On submitting this phone number, the clicker get a call, and the owner of this button gets a call.

Now this call can be routed to a phone, IVR, forwarded number along with a few other options. Isn’t this cool!


This was also an interesting project. South African Air Force wanted us to develop a system which would communicate with their existing Siemens PBX, however due to secrecy requirements they also couldn’t give us the specs of their radios which were the end points in this system

Decision was made to make a custom communication protocol to interface with their system, bypassing the need to know what commands their radios recognize, that they could do themselves once our end was sending them the commands we both knew.

So I lead this project to create an XML based protocol for communicating between Harris’s ATC system and South African Air Force’s secure communication equipment.

  • Programming was done in Java
  • Detailed documentation was created, which we called white paper.
  • System was tested, and it worked, yaaay, my very first protocol programming.

It was an interesting project and I learned a lot of Java through this project, specifically the networking, client/server interactions, XML parsing and multi-threading.


So you need a PBX right on your FB account, so here it is.

It was launched in 2010, and there was no similar app on Facebook for this purpose.

This app is a FB version of VisionVoIP and automatically sets up users’s PBX as they install it in their profile.

However, my experience has been that giving such a wonderful thing on Facebook was a waste of time. People come on Facebook not to work, but to entertain, and a PBX management system is by no means an entertainment thing. So despite of getting over a 100 users, this app really didn’t pick up.

Call center girl

To make it easier for everybody to use an easy-to-use PBX system, PBXforAll provides one.

This website is put on hold and its details are delete from here for the time being.


This was another major ATC project dealing with a Siemens PBX system which required integration with a new generation VoIP system, FXO and PRI lines and standard telephones.

The requirement of this project also included to program a pretty heavy duty conferencing solution, with some very specific customizations.

It also needed a custom interface to create conference rooms, and add/remove participants to it.

The servers used for this particular project were heavy duty servers in order to take heavy load of hundreds of concurrent calls.

As a VoIP consultant, I managed to do this all work within a few days. However testing took many days, and then the system was deployed onsite by the engineering team who were visiting Taiwan on regular basis for this project and other projects with Taiwanese Navy.

Abu Dhabi System Manufacturing

I had the honour to work for a major ATC (Air Traffic Control) project which involved setting up some serious VoIP communication systems for Abu Dhabi’s new airport’s control tower.

This project involved setting up various VoIP servers with the standard TDM based telecommunication equipment, and modify them for:

  1. Parallel call processing
  2. Fail Over Routing
  3. Four Simultaneous call recording legs
  4. Transcoding

There were other aspects too for this project. Actual project took a couple years to complete, and my particular tasks also took many months before it was actually deployed in this beautiful tower (photo above) and tested.