Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, various AWS services for speed, scaling and load balancing 

A complete online food ordering solution, with HTML5 based website and mobile site, a scalable backend on AWS to cater hundreds of thousands of hungry users, and all cooked at home in PHP, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CSS3 and whatever else comes with it.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, AWS EC2, Android Java

For Whom It Is:

Originally developed for a client in Toronto, Canada to facilitate their 9 offices spread over the city and suburbs, this is a complete solution for companies who deal with financial transactions like:

  • Payday Loans
  • Money Orders
  • Western Union Transactions
  • Forex
  • Tax Returns
MoneyT Screenshot

Screenshot, showing a client’s profile, alerts and history

Transaction Methods

  • Cash, with its own Tills Management
  • Debit
  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transaction
  • Pre Auth Debit

User Roles

This software is web based and allows a client to operate multiple sites with a single login in following roles:

  • Admin
  • Sr. Manager
  • Manager
  • CSR

More roles can be programmed into the system.

Screenshot showing various services MoneyT offers

Screenshot showing various services MoneyT offers

Reporting and Profits:

The software includes a detailed reporting system which can be filtered by different options. It also produces a report of profits and forecast of upcoming transactions for delivery to banks and Western Union.


Complying with government regulations is a major requirement for financial institutions. This software comply with various regulations as put forward by the Canadian government.


The system generates various notifications, some of which are:

  • Clients list with upcoming loan payments
  • Clients past due loan payments
  • Various alerts and warnings
  • NSF
Forex Module

Forex Module

Other Features:

Other features included this software are:

  • Block payments to clients who have defaulted on their loans
  • Issue warnings and alerts about clients
  • Various common fraud prevention mechanisms
    • Wrong ID alert to CSR
    • If same check is being cashed at multiple locations
    • etc.
  • Human Resources
    • Real time scheduling
  • Clients detail record
  • Employees Profiles
  • Vacation Requests Form


I always beleieved that sooner of later VoIP will catch up with smart phones. I made some small little apps for this purpose. And now we see VoIP over Android getting common on Android and other phones.

I have worked with two companies as their Android/SIP/VoIP developer, and in fact still working as a consultant for a big phone manufacturer for their UC360 series conference phone, which provides SIP based conferencing solution using Android platform. Its the best conferencing solution I have ever seen.


Its a simple but fun game, where flags of different countries are presented and options are given to choose which country the flag belongs to. There is a point system and in the end, it tells you how good or bad you did.

This app is a non-native app, made using jQuery Mobile and other fancy technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

Community Hour Website

Based on MyBB, this is a community discussion forum which I created primarily for the community where I live. However, it is opened for any community who would like to use it for their discussions.

The purpose behind setting up such a forum was to enable people in this community discuss various things which happen in the community and for which people don’t find a platform to express their views, concerns or solutions. Though there happens meetings few times a year where community members can come and let their voice heard, but it is not really very practical in today’s day and age.

There are many other things too which could be achieved via this forum, e.g. if someone is renting a house, or looking for baby sitting service, or is offering some home repair service, now they can use this forum to get in touch with people around.

What Annoyed Me Today . com

It was more like a social experiment but became very successful with a very little advertisement. However, poorly done backup and a harddisk crash caused most of the annoyances posted here to get lost. Though their copies still exist on Twitter and Facebook pages.

The goal was to find out what annoys people around the globe, and it was very interesting to see how these annoyances factors vary across the globe. For example, in the UK, most of the annoyances are due to boyfriends or girlfriends trashing each other, whereas in the USA people have mostly work related annoyances.

Here is the link to this website.

What Made Me Happy Today . com

The success of made a few people asking to make a website where happy people could post their comments. I knew that such a website won’t be much successful, however making it was not that hard, so created one. However, same amount of money spent on advertisement didn’t bring in much traffic, mostly that money went wasted. But the site is still up and everybody is welcomed to post there what made them happy today. Here is the link to this website.


Syncodo Screenshots

Here is another project which involves a very useful utility, which keeps itself sync between the mobiles devices, user’s online account and user’s FB account if he/she has one. Since the app hasn’t been released yet, so its details remain confidential. This app also arose from my own necessities and this is something which everybody around us faces. Although software and apps do exist to tackle this particular problem, but they are all overly complex. This app is very simple from a user’s point of view, and taking all the complexity out of a user’s sight.


Although there already exists many apps to look for a lost phone, but this didn’t stop me from making one of my own.

How it works is that you send a secret text message to it, and on reception, it turns phone’s volume all the way up and start beeping. This secret text message is never displayed on the screen so that if someone has stolen the phone, doesn’t get a clue how the phone has started to beep.

However, this app still requires some finishing touches before I cold release it into the market.


Although there already exists similar websites, but there are some markets which still have a scope for this type of service.

So this online classifieds website is focusing the South Asian market.

Just like Kijiji, eBay, Craigslist, Shopify, etc. it gives options to buy and sell stuff online, create stores and bid on items.