Warehouse Inventory System – Web and App

Warehouse Inventory System

For a good client in Memphis, Tennessee, US, with partnership with RedKey Media Inc. of Toronto, a wonderful project was completed spring of 2012 using cutting edge technologies of the time, with custom build Android app to change the way client did its business.


Client owned a few book warehouses and the requirements were simple. RedKey Media had developed an e-commerce solution for this client using Joomla and VirtuMart where users could order and purchase books and track shipments. Now the client wanted a unique and innovative approach to bring this e-commerce solution to hand held devices with certain unique requirements as follows:

  1. The warehouse staff should be able to scan shipping barcode and get information on available inventory.
  2. The warehouse staff should be able to scan an order and get detailed info about the order.
  3. The device on which they get the information should also guide them where in the warehouse to pickup the new orders, and in right quantity.
  4. The device should be able to update the inventory on the fly, while updating the website and main server.


The solution proposed by Zeeshanz CTS was to use an Android device to achieve all of the above.



A custom app was developed for the client, and installed on 10 Samsung Galaxy Tablets to be used by the warehouse staff.

  1. The app would require a PIN number to login, and this PIN was authenticated by the main server. This would make sure who was logged in and what activities he/she had performed, i.e. which orders scanned, which were shipped, how many orders processed by which staff member per day and so on.
  2. Once logged in, user would scan the barcodes, and the app would retrieve  data from the main server associated with these barcodes.
  3. Based on the information, the worker would fulfil the order and update the information on the app, which would in return update the main server.


A web application was also made for inventory management, using the same main database which was being used by the app. The web app was also integrated with the backend of the VirtuMart plugin to update the inventory, shipment, and other information on the website in realtime. So for example if the item is marked as shipped by the worker in the warehouse using the app, the inventory will be adjusted accordingly and items on the web would displayed as shipped.

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