ATC – South African Airforce


This was also an interesting project. South African Air Force wanted us to develop a system which would communicate with their existing Siemens PBX, however due to secrecy requirements they also couldn’t give us the specs of their radios which were the end points in this system

Decision was made to make a custom communication protocol to interface with their system, bypassing the need to know what commands their radios recognize, that they could do themselves once our end was sending them the commands we both knew.

So I lead this project to create an XML based protocol for communicating between Harris’s ATC system and South African Air Force’s secure communication equipment.

  • Programming was done in Java
  • Detailed documentation was created, which we called white paper.
  • System was tested, and it worked, yaaay, my very first protocol programming.

It was an interesting project and I learned a lot of Java through this project, specifically the networking, client/server interactions, XML parsing and multi-threading.

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