Voice Connect for Shopify


Click-to-call button

Although there already exists many click-t0-call solutions, but this is different, it is truly a click-to-PBX solutions.

It was made originally for Shopify for their store fronts, and later released as a stand alone system under VisionVoIP.

This solutions has some security measures too, and how it works is that you register on VisionVoIP, or setup an account with Shopify, and you get a piece of code to put on your website. In case of Shopify it is automatically put on your store front.

This code generates a button on the website. Now when a user clicks this button, a small dialog box pops open asking clicker’s phone number. On submitting this phone number, the clicker get a call, and the owner of this button gets a call.

Now this call can be routed to a phone, IVR, forwarded number along with a few other options. Isn’t this cool!

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